Compare Hosting

Today, intoWe are going to compare between two topmost hosts GoDaddy and BlueHost. We are going to discuss few common factors which can make it easy for you to find the difference.

1.Price: First thing comes to mind when buying host service is price. How much GoDaddy and BlueHost Charge for their hosting services. Both of these companies runs promotional offers. Check those offers before you buy a Hosting Service.Click below to find the best ongoing offers on BlueHost:

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2.Bandwidth: Bandwidth means the number of users your website will allow. Both GoDaddy and BlueHost provides unlimited bandwidth.

3.Disk Space: Disk space is the capacity to store folders, files and other media files like pictures and videos. Blue Host provides unlimited Disk Space while GoDaddy only allows 100GB of storage.

4.Backups: BlueHost provides automatic backup to keep your information secure. Unfortunately, if information gets deleted from your website, you can restore then by logging to your Bluehost account. GoDaddy doesn’t offer this feature.

5.Email Accounts: BlueHost offers unlimited email accounts. GoDaddy offers only limited email accounts.

So, Winner is Bluehost as it provides much more benefits over GoDaddy. If you are looking to host your website no doubt you should go with here