Top 5 Split Air Conditioners under 30000 in India

With summer started to spread the heat all over the place,we all have an idea to buy a cooling device which can cool down the hot air to give us relief from summer heat.The best device to cool down the air is Air-Conditioner.There is a number of good air conditioner available in the market but we have to select the best one suitable for our need.There are several factors we need to keep in our mind before we purchase and Air-Conditioner.

The air conditioner should have enough capacity to cool your room but along with capacity, it should be energy efficient too.In summer main part of the electricity bill is contributed by an AC.So, before buying an air conditioner we should consider the BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) rating.BEE rating starts from 1 star and goes up to 5 stars.

Here is the List of Top 5 Split Air Conditioners under 30000 in India


NameBEE RatingCapacityBest Price OnlineOffer on FlipkartOffer on Amazon
Hitachi Neo 3200F RAU312HWDD3 Star1 TonRS 29,000Check OfferCheck Offer
LG LSA5NP3A1 1.5 Tons Split AC3 Star1.5 TonRS 29,300Check OfferCheck Offer
Blue Star 3HW12JB1 1 Ton Split AC3 Star1 TonRS 26,800Check OfferCheck Offer
LG LSA5PW3A 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC3 Star1.5 TonRs 26,500Check OfferCheck Offer
Voltas 183 CY 1.5 Ton Split AC3 Star1.5 TonRs 28,700Check OfferCheck Offer

How to select Best Air-Conditioner for your Home/Office?

There are a number of brands available in the market providing different features and come with different offers on Air-Conditioners.In the table above we have described best AC considering the options given by top brands like Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin, Carrier, Blue Star, LG etc.All brands are good and giving a huge competition to each other but you should not go with promotions and consider these points mentioned below before buying an AC.

  • Capacity: Room size should be equivalent to the capacity of AC.If the room is big and the AC is of low capacity then AC purchase will be in vain.You can simply calculate the required capacity according to your room size.Below is the formula:

Required Tonnage of AC = Height X Width X Length of your room / Floor size.

I.e. if your total room size is 100, you require 1 TON AC in your room. Above 120 sq ft, you require 1.5-ton AC in your room.

  • BEE Ratings: With the price of electricity has increased so far and increasing mercury levels, it is very important to choose an Air-Conditioner which is energy efficient.Air-Conditioner comes with EER(energy efficiency ratings) star rating which is standardized by the BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency).So, to save electricity bill it is important to buy an Air-Conditioner with a good star rating.
  • Price: If we are considering to buy an AC with high star rating price get increased by a great margin than lower rating AC.For example, if an AC with 3-star rating price RS 25000 then AC with 5-star rating will cost around 32000.Don’t go beyond your pocket allowance as 3-star rating AC are good option to buy and save some money for other use.
  • Split or Window: Whether to buy a split Air Conditioner or a window Air Conditioner?This is very important as a window AC can be a better option if you have space available to fit this in your room.Window AC cost is lower than of Split AC and also its installation and maintenance cost is much less than Split AC.It is very easy to do a cleaning of window AC too.

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  • Colling Speed: Modern AC coming with auto adjustable cooling speed i.e. when the temperature is going below what you have set as your required temperature compressor turns off and automatically turn on when the temperature is going above a threshold temperature.It saves huge amount of electricity.Before buying an AC you should consider this point and buy an AC with at least two cooling features and two fan speed modes.