Types of Hosting

First question should come to our mind is what type of host do we need for our website? You can decide to go with one by comparing different types of host.

Few things you should check before you decide to host your website like size of website, speed you need for your website, number of users etc.

See Below 3 main types of Hosting:

  1. Shared Host Service
  2. Dedicated Host Service
  3. VPS Host Service

You can sign up with one of these 3 host service according to your need . I am going to let you know what is the difference between these three hosting types and which one you should consider according tyo your business size.

  1. Shared Host Service

If you are individual or running a small business, you should go with shared hosting. Shared hosting means hosting a number of websites on a single host(computer). It gives the most economical option to host a website on a small basis.

Shared hosting can handle up to 25000 users every month, which covers almost every website.

  1. Dedicated Host Service

Dedicated hosting means a single server that acts as a host for a single website. It can handle up to 90000 users on your website every month. It is more expensive than shared hosting as it will give you better hosting experience which includes Static IP, very fast page load time and it can handle huge traffic .

  1. VPS Host Service(cloud hosting)

VPS hosting is mainly known as cloud hosting. VPS contains a number of computers to host a website and you can buy a part of it according to your requirement and you can even change it if you require more space later. Thousands of computers networked together to give you an advantage over shared hosting or dedicated hosting.VPS hosting is good for heavy traffic websites.